Train The Painter – Thin Film Intumescent Training

Train the Painter is an internationally recognised training programme which is accredited and approved by The Society for Protective Coatings – SSPC.

The training has been developed by industry experts in response to the strong demand for certification within the industrial coatings industry that now requires personnel working within the road, rail, renewables and oil and gas industries to obtain professional specified certificates.

Course Overview

This is the fully accredited CSCS, BRE, ASFP Train The Painter applicators course for thin film intumescent coatings.
Intumescent coatings are applied to steel buildings either on or off site, to prevent structural failure in the event of fire, it is therefore essential that these coatings are applied by trained and qualified coating applicators. Thorough and correct training in Thin Film Intumescent Coating saves time, money and ultimately lives!

As part of the globally recognised Train the painter coating applicator training program, this independently accredited training course for Thin Film Intumescent coatings has been developed to meet industry demands.

This training program has been developed with input from industry experts and associated bodies. All aspects of surface preparation and application of the products will be taught using both practical and theoretical methods.


Course Delivery

Delivered by approved Train the painter trainers this 3 day course has been specifically created for Thin Film Intumescent coating applicators, that have no prior experience.

Course Content

SSPC Thin Film Intumescent Coatings – course includes:

  • Fire protection design
  • What is Intumescent Coating
  • Fire protection of steel work
  • Types of fire specifications
  • Coating methodology
  • Coating failures
  • Surface preparation and priming quantities
  • Wet & dry thickness
  • Coating types and mixing
  • Drying times and top coats
  • Equipment
  • Environmental conditions
  • Finishing
  • Quality documentation & risk assessments
  • Intumescent coating specification
  • Effects of poor application
  • Advantages and disadvantages



In order to attend and complete the Train the Painter – Thin Film Intumescent modules delegates must:
Be at least 18 years old

Training/Career Path

This course provides much needed training in the application of intumescent coatings that ensures correctly applied passive fire protection (PFP) can save lives in private and public buildings.